Tantric Yoga Male Ejaculation

The holdback strategy was discussed. It's not difficult to understand. There is, though, one snag. Orgasm is something that many men have little to no power over. And they don't want much leverage in the heat of the moment. The semen needs to go, and that's the end of it. Anything that seems to slip by the wayside when it comes to sex.

But, what's the best way to get through this? 

The trick is to change the habit of orgasm's inner neurology. We do this by acquainting the male neurology with a new mode of stimulus travel. As a result, we notice a new kind of joy, as well as an experience of spiritual bliss, coming up through the nervous system. We become inspired to spend more time in the habit of pre-orgasmic pleasure as sacred bliss becomes more appealing than the jerking and lurching of genital orgasm. After that, we can choose between pre-orgasmic tantric sex and vaginal orgasm. Perhaps we'd like to combine the two in a single session, starting with a long session of the former and concluding with the latter. 

Why not once in a while? 

That's what it's like to get the cake and eat it too. Of course, if you do it too often (more than once every week or two), the cake would steal your yoga.

In theory, the holdback approach will provide the man with all of the requisite preparation. In the next lecture, we'll discuss the woman's changing place in tantric sex. Obviously, she is really significant. But first, we need to find a driven tantric man for her. There won't be any tantric sex if it doesn't happen. That is why we are concentrating our efforts on the guy first.

Is it possible to train a man's orgasmic reaction using only the holdback method?

Perhaps it is for others, particularly if they are experienced and have been working hard to prolong their orgasm. However, for many people, the holdback approach would be insufficient.

We'll first discuss how to prevent male ejaculation. It's an old tantric technique with a long track record of results. It's not difficult to do.

As orgasm is about to start, the man places one or two fingers (usually the index and/or middle) on the perineum, pushes inward and forward against the back of the pubic bone, and blocks the urethra canal into which the semen is about to pass. The orgasm continues, but the sperm is unable to leave the body. The semen will still escape if the man lets go too fast. The sperm will be reabsorbed and nothing will escape if he keeps the block for a minute or two and then lets go.

Blocking may be achieved from either the front or the back of the perineum. If the man has slipped and gone too far with stimulation during tantric lovemaking with a girlfriend, he will reach behind him and obstruct his ejaculation. He still has orgasm and will be through with intercourse for a time, but the leakage of sperm from his orgasm has been blocked.

The blocking technique has many other facets relating to training the man's orgasmic reaction, aside from the mechanisms of preventing semen from exiting the body.

To begin with, having an orgasm with a blocked ejaculation is not quite as pleasurable as having one with a free flow of sperm. If a man's bhakti causes him to block the majority of his ejaculations, his desire would gradually change from having to go to orgasm to wanting to sit in front of it. Blocking, in addition to preventing semen from escaping, gives a man an opportunity to linger in front of orgasm. 

Why go there if it'll be less pleasurable than staying in pre-orgasmic sex and ascending the stairway to heaven with our lover?

Second, after what has just been said, blocking would not be needed indefinitely.

It's a temporary, voluntary measure, similar to using training wheels on a bicycle. Aren't you relieved to see that? Bicycles with training wheels are very inconvenient to use. We'd like to get rid of them as quickly as possible. As a result, we have an extra opportunity to work on our orgasmic reaction and reduce our dependence on the training.

We won't need blocking as much until we learn to remain in pre-orgasmic in sex for long periods of time. By the time we reach that stage, genital orgasm may be a part of sex only after an hour or two of marriage, or we may have totally forgotten about it.

Orgasm is a thing of the past? 

Yes, the sublime encounters of long tantric sex will make one forget about orgasm entirely. It's difficult to imagine, but it's real. Tantric sex has the potential to be that sweet. It's even a fine advanced yoga exercise! The significance of genital orgasm will disappear into the context over time. We will still have it if we like it, but as our holy bliss spreads beyond it, it will become less appealing. Sex would always be enjoyable, albeit in a new way. Instead of being the obsessed needy thing it has been in the past, sex will become an expression of our ultimate rising enlightenment.

We can now discuss male masturbation. Blocking may be achieved from the front or the back, as previously said. The blocking will come from the front if a man is masturbating. We should learn about it because the gross volume of semen expelled in masturbation in a man's lifespan beats the amount expelled in lovemaking by a factor of ten.

Masturbation is the most effective way for certain men to get rid of their sperm. Masturbation also appears to be an excellent time to practice male orgasm. It's a good time to practice the holdback technique, which entails repeatedly holding back until orgasm and thus permanently increasing staying strength. When ecstasy strikes, it's also a good time to practice blocking. So, all is in place. As required, stimulation, pauses, and blocking. The only one who isn't there is the girlfriend. Surprisingly, this is similar to what we do in conventional mulabandha, siddhasana, and other advanced yoga techniques – systematically manipulating our sexual energy up into our nervous system.

Is tantric masturbation, then, a form of yoga? 

Yes, as long as the pre-orgasmic state is maintained. It's also an excellent place for a man to self-train in preparation for tantric sex with a partner.

None of this is intended to encourage unnecessary sexual intercourse or masturbation above what is currently occurring. It's simply to raise awareness about tantric techniques that can be blended into what we're all doing with our sexual lives. We will achieve drastic improvements in our sex experiences if we do so intelligently, and our overall advanced yoga habits would be greatly improved.

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