The Chakras And Reiki

Reiki is the practice of working with the chakras. That is, we work on the seven major energy centers in the delicate body that run around the spine. We capture light energy from the crown chakra. This energy then flows from top to bottom, passing through each chakra and being converted so that it can be used on a physical level - organs and glands. Finally, it connects with the earth energies that we regularly ingest from the soles of our feet at the root center.

Chakras are not fixed points, but rather spinning light wheels, as their name suggests (the Sanskrit word chakra means "wheel"). They are dynamic or spinning centers that, like small suns, disperse light energy in all directions. The movement is caused by the flow of life energy into each chakra, which brings it to life. The chakras tend to vibrate and bloom while the life force is in flux. The more life energy that runs into them, the more exquisite they bloom, and our charisma reflects this.

The Bible teaches, "Thou shalt gain wealth in the sky, not on earth." We achieve this by focusing on our charisma through Reiki and other forms of meditation.

What we do in this manner is ours to keep. If that were a part of the human world, it would be destroyed after we died, and we would have to start again, but this development is contained in the etheric body, not the physical body.

Through genuine Reiki, we will achieve a balanced growth of our energy centers. The chakras that are not as mature as some grow and flourish over time. You can see this as a flower bud blossoming in the sunlight: we are becoming more permeable to light energy and the release of life energy within us is becoming greater. It is done in a gentle manner. The universal energy triggered in attunements is always safe and positive, and it is always based on the recipient's actual needs. As a result, overtraining or "doing too much" is not an option.

The seven chakras are established in all degrees of genuine Reiki, but the focus is always on the energy center aligned with the corresponding degree. The root or base center, in particular, is triggered in the first degree. We let go of our existential uncertainties and develop a constructive attitude about duty and matter.

The sacral chakra, the seat of sensuality, fertility, imagination, and reproduction, is the focus of the second degree. Gradually, we become aware of our spiritual potential and begin to live it. The solar network, which is the source of our self-confidence and self-esteem, is triggered in the third degree. The heart chakra, also known as the love chakra, is associated with the fourth degree. We grow our compassion by cultivating this nucleus, which allows us to believe, love, weep, laugh, share, empathies, and pray. We turn into lovers. Hairiness and so much disinterestedness, as well as doubt and mistrust, fade away. Instead, the heart is filled with honesty. You are bound to the entirety of life in deep meditation or Reiki, from heart to heart, beyond mind and language.

The fifth degree strengthens the bond between the heart and the spine, in particular. Our love takes on a meditative quality. We have a strong desire to share our love with one another. Our consciousness is progressively progressing in the direction of: "I am love," thanks to the sixth degree, which particularly activates the third eye. As the sixth chakra's energy is awoken, it seems like a massive extension, a potential, a peek into the cosmic or infinite.

We are actually at rest as the energy in the seventh or crown chakra flows freely. The seventh day of life, when the Creator sleeps, corresponds to a dreaming crown chakra. There is nothing more that can be said. Only once we have mastered ourselves may we really assist others. It's also known as "Unio Mystica," which refers to the sacred alliance of yin and yang. True, long-term completion is only possible at this pinnacle of synthesis.

It's more important to experience the chakras authentically than it is to read about them. Working on the chakras, which is what Reiki is all about, helps to release energy blockages. Enlightenment occurs when all seven chakras have been so powerful that they combine into a single pillar of light.

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