The Coronavirus: 6 Things You Should Know

Concerns about the coronavirus have been commonplace, and for good cause. You can't read the papers or turn on the TV these days without hearing about it. It's turned into a huge deal.

But how much do you know about it? Continue reading to discover seven interesting things about the Coronavirus.

Here are few stuff to keep in mind about the Coronavirus:

1. What is the Coronavirus? The Coronavirus is a virus family rather than a single virus. It began in animals but has since spread to humans, causing illnesses such as respiratory infections and colds.

2.How did the Coronavirus begin? Coronavirus is thought to have begun in a food market in China's Wuhan province.

3. Where has it spread: While China is the epicentre of Coronavirus, it has also spread to other countries. There are confirmed cases in at least 14 other countries as of now.

4. How many confirmed Coronavirus cases have there been so far? According to the most recent information, there have been about 6,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases in China (461 of whom are in critical condition). In other countries, there are an estimated 9,000 additional suspicious cases. In terms of confirmed cases in other countries, there have been 14 confirmed cases in Thailand so far, as well as 5 or so cases in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia.

5. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus? Coronavirus symptoms include common cold symptoms such as cough and fever.

As a result, serious pneumonia and respiratory infections will develop. However, the signs and symptoms can not show right away. Based on what is understood so far about the virus, it is thought that the virus will infect days before symptoms appear. The official incubation time ranges from 1 to 14 days.

6. How serious is it? Coronavirus is also a bit of a mystery, which makes it a more serious threat than the other virus strains. We don't know anything there is to know about it yet, and remedies are still being researched.

Scientists have discovered that it belongs to the same virus family as Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which affected almost 8,000 people worldwide in 2003, killing 800 people.

When it comes to keeping yourself safe from the COVID-19 virus, precaution is crucial. Since parasites will weaken your immune system, learning about them can help you strengthen yours and be more prepared.

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