THE ELEMENTS - Yogic Experience of Elemental Spirits

During meditation, these elementals will appear. They are odd figures, those with long teeth, large mouths, three heads, faces on the belly, no flesh and no skin, and so on. 

They are Bhuvar Loka residents. They're Bhutas, by the way. They're going to be Lord Siva's attendants. They take dreadful shapes. They are completely harmless. 

They just show up on the set. They've come to put your bravery and strength to the test. They are powerless. They would not be able to stand in front of a pure, ethical aspirant. 

They will be pushed further if you repeat Om or your Guru Mantra. If young people see a dead corpse, a body hanging from a tree, or a brutal assassination, they still think of this incident. 

Even in meditation, the same idea will arise and take on a strange shape. They can see the same shape in front of their eyes over and over again. They have nothing to be afraid of. 

It's just a figment of their imagination. A coward is unfit to serve in the divine rows. Fear must be destroyed. Develop your bravery. Take a chance.