The Sanskrit word "Uddiyana" is derived from the root words "ut" and "di," which mean "to fly up."

Prana rises from the Sushumna Nadi as this Bandha is performed. As a result, the name is meaningful.

Expel the air from the lungs with a strong and forcible exhalation. When you forcefully exhale from your mouth, your lungs will become absolutely hollow. 

Now contract and draw the intestines above and below the navel into the rear of the body, so that the appendix lies against the back of the body high up in the thoracic cavity. Uddiyana Bandha is my name. 

This is done at the end of Kumbhaka and at the start of Rechaka. The diaphragm, the muscular part between the thoracic cavity and the belly, is elevated and the abdominal muscles are pulled backwards as you do this Bandha. 

This exercise is simple to do if you bend your trunk forward. The first stage of Nauli Kriya is Uddiyana Bandha. If you want to practice Nauli Kriya, you should be familiar with Uddiyana Bandha. Nauli Kriya is usually performed while standing. 

In either a sitting or standing position, Uddiyana Bandha may be practiced. Keep your hands on your thighs while seated, as seen in the example.

This exercise is extremely beneficial in maintaining Brahmacharya. It bestows on the practitioner beautiful fitness, power, vigour, and stamina. It acts as a potent gastro-intestinal tonic when mixed with Nauli Kriya. 

This are the Yogin's two powerful arms in the fight against constipation, intestinal peristalsis, and other alimentary canal disorders. You will manipulate and massage all of the abdominal muscles with only these two Yogic Kriyas. 

Nothing beats Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli for abdominal exercises. Of all physical fitness programs, they are special and unrivaled. Uddiyana and Nauli have effected a rapid, comprehensive, and marvellous cure in chronic stomach and intestine diseases where all other medicines have failed.

Mula Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, and Uddiyana Bandha can be combined wonderfully in Pranayama. Bandha-Traya is the name of the character.

Uddiyana Bandha helps to lose belly fat. Uddiyana Bandha can perform wonders in situations where Marienbud weight loss pills have crashed. 

People who eat a lot of ghee and drink a lot of water will be able to do Uddiyana if they miss eating it. Fatty people should dress for the practice of Uddiyana Bandha by walking to Kedar-Badri or Mount Kailas.

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