Sirshasana should be completed. Bend the right leg slowly and keep it on the left thigh, while the left leg stays on the right thigh. You must proceed with caution and cautiously. You can try this if you can stand in Sirshasana for longer than 10 to 15 minutes. You'll collapse and break your legs if you don't. This can be done by a gymnast who can sit on the parallel bars on the deck. This Asana will help you reap the rewards of Sirshasana.


1. The first Anga of Ashtanga Yoga is Asana. Only after you have developed yourself in Asana will you be able to reap the benefits of Pranayama.

2. Place a blanket on the floor and do the Asanas on top of it. For Sirshasana and its variations, use a cushion or a four-folded blanket.

3. While doing Asanas, wear a Langotee or Kowpeen. A banian can be worn on the body.

4. When doing Asanas, don't wear glasses. They can be fractured or do damage to the eyes.

5. After completing the Asanas, those who have been doing Sirshasana, etc. for a long time should eat a light tiffin or drink a cup of milk.

6. Train on a daily basis. Many that practice in fits and starts will reap no rewards.
7. Do asana on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or at least three hours after eating.

The easiest time to do Asanas is in the morning.
8. Just as if a building's base isn't well laid, the superstructure will collapse in no time, a Yogic student who hasn't mastered the Asanas will be unable to progress to higher levels of Yogic practice.

9. Yoga Asanas can be accompanied by Japa and Pranayama. Then and only then can Yoga become truly authentic.

10. You would not be able to do any of the Asanas perfectly at first. Perfection comes through consistent work. Patience and perseverance, as well as honesty and earnestness, are required.

11. Should not alter the asanas. Stick to one set of rules adamantly. You won't get much gain if you do one package of Asanas today, another tomorrow, and so on.

12. The more stable you are in the Asana, the easier it will be to relax and focus your mind. Without a stable stance, you won't be able to meditate effectively.

13. Mild Kumbhaka during Asana practice increases the potency of Asanas and gives the practitioner more strength and vitality.

14. Each person should choose a few Asanas that fit his or her mood, ability, ease, leisure, and necessity.

15. You would have fine, lustrous skin, a fair complexion, and peace of mind in a short time if you are cautious of your diet, Asanas, and meditation. Hatha Yoga provides Yogic students with grace, resilience, and spiritual success.

16. A man will sit motionless on the Asana for ten hours at a time and always be full of desires. This is just a physical exercise, similar to an acrobatic or circus performance. Even if a man practices Tratak for three hours without dosing his skin, winking, or turning his eyeballs, he may always be full of urges and egoism. This is a different kind of physical activity. There is no link between this and spirituality. When people see people who can do the aforementioned things, they are misled. Fasting for 40 days is another kind of physical exercise.

17. Pranayama with Asanas is beneficial and conducive to Japa and meditation.
It eliminates body and mind drowsiness and laziness. It also helps to keep the mind in check. It gives the spirit a new sense of vigor and harmony.

18. Asanas can be done on the sands of rivers, in open spaces, and also along the seaside. If you're going to practice them in a bed, make sure it's not too crowded. It should be cleaned on a regular basis.

19. A Vedantin is fearful of doing Asanas because they will worsen Dehadhyasa and interfere with his Vairagya practice. I've seen a lot of Vedantins that are sickly, with a bad physique and a weak constitution. They are unable to do any strict Sadhana.
They may only say "Om Om Om" mechanically through their lips. They are unable to lift the Brahmakara Vritti due to a lack of ability.

20. The mind and the body are inextricably linked. Jada has a sickly, frail body. The body is a vital tool for achieving Self-realization. The instrument must be kept clean, sturdy, and in good working order.

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