The person sitting in this Asana has a very calm and firm posture. They are unable to be quickly shook.

The legs get very stiff. Merudanda grows firm and strong. This Asana resembles the Namaz posture in which Muslims sit for prayer in several ways.

Place the soles of the foot on both sides of the anus, i.e., one over the other, the thighs on the hips, and the soles on the buttocks. 

The calves must be in contact with the legs. The ground can be reached from the toe to the knee. The knees and ankles bear the whole weight of the body. 

A mild pain in the knee and ankle joints may occur at the start of practice, but it will subside quickly. Using your fingertips, massage the sore areas and two joints. Rub with a small amount of Iodex or Amrutanjan. 

Place all hands straight on the elbows after the feet and knees have been fixed. Have your legs tucked together. Sit in this position, holding your trunk, neck, and head in a single line.


The meal will be well digested if you sit in this Asana for fifteen minutes after eating. 

Dyspeptics will profit greatly. Legs and thighs Nadis, nerves, and muscles are reinforced. 

Myalgia disappears in the knees, legs, toes, and thighs. Sciatica is no longer a problem. 

Flatulence is no longer a problem. Stomach has a calming and beneficial effect on Kanda, the most important part of the body from which all the Nadis emerge.