What are an Empaths' Emotions?

Empaths are especially vulnerable to the many forces that consume them, and as a result, they often experience inner turmoil and a great deal of tension. 

When an empath's empathetic side is fully activated, he can feel abnormally anxious as as though an electrical current is unexpectedly overpowering him.

This is accompanied by an emotional outburst.

Strong melancholy feelings could appear out of nowhere and swallow him whole. This may be perplexing for the empath and he does not fully comprehend what is going on. He adopts such thoughts as his own and attempts to come up with a reason for why he is experiencing such irrational emotions.

As a result, it's no wonder that most empaths experience severe depression at some stage in their lives. For all of them, depression can be a frequent guest. Empaths can absorb other people's positive vibrations as well as negative emotions. For the untrained, naïve, and novice empath, this up-and-down pattern can be an intense rollercoaster.

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