What are the Origins of Psychic Empaths?


Psychics have played an important part in human civilization since ancient times.

They also work as bishops, priestesses, seers, and mystics in a variety of settings and from religions that existed before Christianity. Samuel, Gad, and Amos are only a few of the Bible's psychic seers. Samuel was the one who discovered King Saul's donkey. Amos was the seer ordered by Amaziah to flee Judah and pursue his prophetic endeavors elsewhere. Gad was King David's own seer, while Amos was the seer commanded by Amaziah to flee Judah and practice his prophetic endeavors elsewhere.

The Greek Oracle of Delphi is one of the most well-known names of ancient psychics. It wasn't a real human, but rather an office convened by Delphi's smartest lady. She sent direct messages from Apollo, the God of Light and Reality. The natural steams coming from the hot springs in the Delphi region heightened her dreams. The priests of Ra on Memphis were the well-known seers in ancient Egypt. Oracles were known as nabu in Assyria, which meant "to declare" or "to call."

During the Renaissance in France, Nostradamus became a well-known figure in the field of prophecy. His prophecies are now well accepted around the world, and they have been published on a regular basis since they were first written.

The Spiritualist Movement started and spread in the mid-1800s, when the planet Neptune was discovered (a finding that governs psychics). At that time, many psychics flourished, including Edgar Cayce, Daniel Dunglas Home, and Madame Blavatsky.

Since the beginning of human evolution, psychic empaths have wandered the Earth. However, empathic abilities were only recognized as distinct from other psychic abilities after the New Age Awakening of the 1970s and 1980s.

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