4 Essential Oils for Healing Empaths


Essential oils are soothing and can help with the tension that comes with metaphysical hypersensitivity. In 2014, the American College of Healthcare Sciences performed a study in which 58 hospice patients were given a regular hand massage for one week using a mixture of essential oils by the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Lavender, frankincense, and bergamot were used in the oil mix. As a result of the essential oil massages, all of the patients showed less depression and discomfort. Essential oil mixture aromatherapy massages were found to be more effective than massage alone in treating depression and discomfort.

The following are some of the better essential oils for anxiety relief:

1. Lavender 

Lavender oil has a soothing and healing effect; it balances the nervous system, promotes inner harmony, improves relaxation, and reduces restlessness, panic attacks, irritability, and nervous energy. There have been several scientific trials that show that inhaling lavender reduces anxiety and depression right away. In one trial, taking lavender oil capsules orally triggered a rise in heart rate variance as compared to a placebo when watching an anxiety-inducing video. According to the findings, lavender has an anxiolytic function, which means it can help to reduce anxiety.

Other studies have shown that lavender will help patients who are undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery or who are scared of the dentist feel less anxious.

2. Rose

Rose is effective in treating depression, fear, grief, shock, and panic attacks. In a report conducted in the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, a sample of women who were pregnant for the first time inhaled rose oil for 10 minutes while taking a footbath. The footbath was also offered to a second group of women who were pregnant for the first time, but without the rose oil inhalation. The findings revealed that combining a footbath with aromatherapy reduced anxiety in nulliparous (women who have never had children) women in the active process.

3. Chamomile 

Chamomile oil is known for its soothing properties and ability to promote inner harmony, as well as alleviate worry, fear, overthinking, and irritability. An exploratory research undertaken by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine discovered that it contains therapeutic anti-depressant properties. Chamomile capsules have also been shown to help with depressive effects, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

4. Frankincense 

The soothing energy and calming properties of Frankincense oil make it ideal for treating anxiety and depression. It also aids concentration, mental quiet, and reflection. A research from Korea's Keimyung University discovered that a blend of lavender, frankincense, and bergamot decreased pain and depression in hospice patients with terminal cancer.

Essential Oils when used for Hypersensitivity, are used in aromatherapy, swallowed, or applied topically.

Here are few ideas about how to use them:

1. Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses essential oils to

Because of the human capacity to absorb information by scent, aromatherapy is a common anxiety treatment. It can elicit a strong emotional response. The limbic system is a part of the brain that regulates memory recall and emotional processing. Inhaling essential oil scents triggers a mental reflex in the limbic system of the brain, which controls stress and relaxing responses including hormone activity, blood pressure, and breathing habits. The oils may be used in the wash, a hot water vaporizer, immediate inhalation, a humidifier or vaporizer, cologne, soap, a fan, or aromatherapy diffusers.

2. The bulk of natural oils should be taken orally. It is, however, important that the oils you use are both clean and natural. The bulk of commercialized oils have been mixed with other chemicals or combined with synthetics, making them unhealthy to use. Combining a drop of oil with a teaspoon of honey or dropping the oil into a bottle of water is the most efficient way to consume essential oils. You should even add a few drops to your food as it's frying. A couple of drops can be placed under your tongue.

This is especially helpful since blood capillaries are situated at the surface of the tissue under the tongue, allowing the oil to easily penetrate into the bloodstream and migrate to the region of the body where it is needed. Basic oils may also be used as capsules.


The method of applying essential oils to the skin, nails, teeth, hair, or mucous membranes of the body is known as topical application. The oils penetrate easily into the flesh. Since the oils are too solid, you must dilute or mix them with a carrier oil like coconut, avocado, jojoba, or sweet almond oil. The combined mixture may be applied directly to the affected area, along the rims of the ears, the soles of the feet, in the water, as a warm compress, or as a massage.

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