What is Ideal Yoga?

Any Yogic students believe that a Yogi is someone who can run, walk on water, and do other miraculous feats. It's a tragic oversight. Real Yoga is being quiet, calm, radiating love, having an intense aspiration to realize God, having a sense of service and dedication, and being self-controlled. Yoga isn't about flying through the clouds. After attaining human birth, why does one strive to fly like a bird? You must have a duty to possess all divine qualities and a willing heart to please others. This is what Yoga is all about.

Being good and doing good should be your goal. Be ready to share what you have with others at all times.

You should know the scriptures and be dedicated to your preceptor, saints, and sages. Nirvikalpa Samadhi is also not needed. Why do you want to be absorbed into the system?

Is it absolute? Serve as Nityasiddhas with a thin veil of individuality. Have supernatural virtues and walk on this planet like a divine being. Do not aspire to be strong. Powers will appear on their own. Have all of the noble virtues. Be rid of spite and hate. Encourage others by setting a good example.

Disseminate the Rishis' note. Attempt to live a moral life. Tell me as it is. Worship your mother as God, your father as God, your tutor as God, and your visitor as God. Give, but do so modestly. Give with a generous heart.

Give with affection.

There is only one eternal Atma, one universal Consciousness, which resides in everyone's hearts.

Aspiration, renunciation, concentration, and purification are also ways to do this.

Control the anger. Do not get annoyed as a result of confusion. Make an effort to comprehend everyone.

Recognize and respect the emotions of others. It's a bear insult. Injury to a bear. Sarvabhutahite ratah, be ever intent on the wellbeing of everyone. You should put these into practice rather than only studying the Brahmasutras and Upanishads. Through purification and service, the Upanishads should flow from your heart.

The highest thing on this planet is selfless devotion. You will become spiritual as a result of your service. Serving others is a divine existence. In God, service is everlasting life. Service that is selfless and unattached will get you Cosmic Consciousness. However, no one wants to serve! All needs to be taken care of by someone. You'll have to get rid of your ego. You'll need to pulverize it into a powder. It will take six months to remove oil from the bones and ignite it. Such is the struggle, as it were, on the road of self-realization.

Be a decent person and do good deeds. This is the core of all of the world's scriptures and prophets' teachings. Just a small percentage of people are interested in inner life. All is looking for peace, but they don't know where to find it. They look for it in material wealth and possessions. Maya is astute.

She never encourages others to experience the joy of an inner life in the Atman. Man, deluded by her influence, believes there is no transcendental world, no realm outside the senses. “Eat, drink, and be merry,” has become a life motto. Only all who have received the Divine Grace have access to the kingdom of God.

May you all understand the real meaning of Yoga and base your life on selfless service to humanity and the creation of all spiritual virtues with Atma Bhava. May you all have a strong desire to succeed.

Deep meditation is a great way to achieve Self-realization. Can you all shine brightly as Nityasiddhas, spreading joy and happiness across the world.

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