1. Do Asanas and Pranayama first thing in the morning or three hours after eating.

2. Before beginning the practice, pray to Guru and God.

3. Eat Sattvic food and avoid spicy, pungent, sour foods as well as stimulants such as tea and coffee.

4. Keep a tidy, secure space that is well-ventilated, calm, and free of insects and other forms of disruption.

5. Adhere to strict Brahmacharya and avoid needless conversations.

6. Minimize your desires. Develop a sense of fulfillment.

7. Take a bath before the practice; if this is not necessary, shower first and bath at least half an hour afterwards.

8. Sit with your back to the East or North.

9. Train on a daily and systematic basis.

10. Be Still, always.

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