What is Sekhem or Seichim Reiki?


Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian term that loosely translates to "Power of Forces" and means "Universal Energy or Power." The scepter symbolizes Sekhem in Egyptian hieroglyphs, and it represents the connection between Heaven and Earth.

Sekhem healing energy can help you develop spiritually, but it can also help you communicate with your "higher self" and "All That Is," which can mean different things to different religions (the Cosmic Universe, the Divine Creator, the Soul of Souls, and so on). There is no other known energy system that compares to Sekhem's high vibrational energy, nor does any other energy function on a soul basis.

Sekhem Reiki encourages you to take more responsibility for your wellbeing. It also aids your personality and faith, allowing you to discover your soul's meaning and reach your full potential.

Sekhem or Seichim Reiki has many advantages:

  1. Physical, spiritual, and emotional recovery in a hurry
  2. Helps to accelerate the never-ending journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment
  3. Assists in the accomplishment of objectives
  4. Improves your "inner vision" and capacity to sense electricity.
  5. Increases the “sense of being alive” by bringing you further into the current moment.
  6. Improves your self-awareness and interpersonal relationships

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