Yoga for High Blood Pressure

It's a good idea to talk to the doctor if you suspect you're at risk with elevated blood pressure or if you've already been diagnosed with it.

Yoga incorporates the effects of sleep, muscle relaxing, and weight conditioning practice, which can assist with blood pressure control. Make sure you can relax freely and intensely when doing yoga poses. If you're having trouble breathing, get out of the stance and relax, or try a simpler variation. If you continue to have trouble breathing, you can see a doctor right away.

Beneficial Yoga Asanas

  1. Hands Bound Lotus Pose (Baddha Hasta Padmasana) is an example of seated backbends. Backbends in a seated position open the chest and increase blood supply to the lungs. They relieve pain in the chest and front shoulder heads, which is often exacerbated by fatigue and daily hunching over a monitor. This will aid in the reduction of elevated blood pressure caused by tension.
  2. Revolved Easy Pose (Parivritta Sukhasana) is a good example of seated twists.
  3. Seated twists tend to relieve upper back pain and detoxify the body. This will assist in lowering elevated blood pressure caused by strain in the upper back.
  4. Reclining Both Hands to the Leg Pose (Supta Dwi Hasta Padasana) is an example of a supine forward bend. In contrast to standing forward bends, where the head is below the heart, supine forward bends stretch the hamstrings without raising blood pressure. This will aid in the reduction of elevated blood pressure caused by muscle strain in the lower back and legs.