Distance Healing Using Pranyama

This is also regarded as "absent care." You will send Prana across space to a friend who lives far away. He should adopt a responsive mentality. You must feel en rapport (in direct connection and sympathy) with the persons you treat using this form of Distant Healing.

You should communicate with them and set up meeting times. “Get ready at 8 p.m.,” you should write to them. Possess a reactive mentality. Take a seat in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes for a moment. I can pass on my Prana.”

‘I am transmitting a supply of Prana (vital force) to the patient,' say to yourself. When you submit the Prana, do Kumbhaka. 

Often, practice breathing in a rhythmic pattern. Imagine that the Prana is exiting your consciousness, traveling across space, and entering the patient's system. The Prana flies through space invisibly, like radio waves, and shines like lightning. 

Outside, the Prana that has been colored by the healer's thinking is projected. By practicing Kumbhaka, you will re-charge your Prana. This necessitates extensive, consistent, and consistent practice.

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