After drawing the tongue from the root of the palate, a seeker of the Atman can remove the impurities of the tongue for seven days, as advised by his Guru.

He can cut for the space of a hair, the frenum lingui, with a sharp, oiled, and cleansed knife that resembles the leaf of the vine Snuhi, the milk-hedge plant. He should mix Saindhava (rock salt) and Pathya (sea salt) together and add it to the affected region.

He should cut for the space of a hair again on the seventh day. As a result, he can continue it with caution for the next six months.

In six months, the tongue's vein-fixed root no longer exists. The Yogi who understands timely intervention should then encircle the tip of the tongue, the abode of Vag-Ishvari or the god who rules speech, with cloth and draw it up.