The Bija, or seed-letter, is found in Khechari. Agni is said to be encircled by water in Khechari Bija. That is where the Devas or Khecharas live. This Yoga is used to achieve Siddhi mastery.

The ninth letter, also known as the Moon face or Bija of Somamsa, should be pronounced backwards. Consider it to be the Supreme, and the beginning to be the seventh. This is said to be the Kuta (horns) of the moon's various Bhinnas (or parts).

This, which leads to the completion of all Yogas, should be learned by the initiation of a Guru.

A person who recites this twelve times a day will not be affected by the Maya or delusion that is born in his body and is the root of all evil deeds, even while sleeping.

The science of Khechari will show itself to the individual who recites this five lakhs of times with great care. Both barriers disappear in his presence. The Devas are ecstatic. Valipalita, the destruction of gray hair and wrinkles, will undoubtedly take place.

Anyone who has learned the great science should put it into use on a regular basis. Otherwise, he will not receive any Siddhi in Khechari's direction.

If one does not obtain this nectar-like science during this session, he should obtain it at the start of Melana and recite it constantly. If you don't have it, you'll never get Siddhi.

This research should be practiced as soon as possible after learning it. Then, and only then, can one attain Siddhi.

The Khechari Mantra is made up of seven syllables: HRIM, BHAM, SAM, PAM, PHAM, SAM, and KSHAM.