The Yogi's body reaches a very subtle state of pure Brahman. The body of the Yogi gives up its impure corporal state by allowing the elements to be engulfed in a subtle state in the form of the paramatman or supreme Deity.

It is the only Truth behind all things, which has been liberated from non-sentience and is free of impurities.

The Truth behind all things is That alone, which is of the essence of Absolute Consciousness and has the character of the attribute "I" of all creatures, the Brahman, the subtlest manifestation of That alone.

The Yogi should know as the Brahman the freedom from the notion that the Brahman is qualified, the illusion regarding the presence or non-existence of something other than the Brahman (which should be annihilated), and such experiences as these that remain. Simultaneously with the acquisition of certain awareness of the Atman's form, he achieves emancipation.

When this isn't the case, all sorts of ridiculous and unrealistic ideas emerge. The rope-serpent and other ridiculous ideas spawned by illusion rise to prominence. Strange ideas emerge, such as men and women's perceptions of silver in the pearl-oyster egg.

The Yogi should recognize the Visvatman's and others' oneness all the way up to the Turiya. He must realize the oneness of the microcosm with the Virat Atman and others, all the way up to the Turiya, the macrocosm, as well as the oneness of the Linga with the Sutratman, of the Self with the un-manifested state, and of the Atman manifested in one's Self with the Atman of Consciousness.