The Chakras are centers of Shakti as life force—in other words, they are Pranavayu's Pranashakti embodied in the living body, with the presiding Devatas being the names for the Universal Consciousness manifested in the form of these centers. The Chakras are not visible to the naked eye. And if they were visible in the living body that they helped to organize, they vanish with the demise of the organism.

Yoga contributes to heaven by mental purity. When dealing with others, keep your behavior in check. Have no feelings of envy towards other people. Be considerate of others. Don't despise sinners. Be good to all. If you devote all of your energies to your Yoga practice, you will achieve fast results. You must have a strong desire for liberation as well as a lot of Vairagya. You must be sincere and sincere in your intentions.

In order to achieve Samadhi, you must practice intense and continuous meditation.

The Muladhara and Svadhishthana Chakras, or centers, near the anus and sexual organs, respectively, are where an earthly man's mind travels with base instincts and emotions.

When the mind is cleaned, it grows to the Manipura Chakra, or navel core, and feels certain strength and pleasure.

When the mind is cleaned, it ascends to the Anahata Chakra, or heart core, where it enjoys happiness and sees the effulgent form of the Ishta Devata, or tutelary god.

When the mind is highly purified, meditation and devotion become deep and insightful, and the mind rises to the Vishuddha Chakra, or the center in the throat, the mind feels an increase in energies and ecstasy. And after the mind has entered this center, it has the potential to descend to the lower centers.

The Yogi achieves Samadhi and realizes the ultimate Self or Brahman as he meets the Ajna Chakra, which is located between the two eyebrows. Between the devotee and Brahman, there is a faint feeling of separation.

The Yogi achieves Nirvikalpa Samadhi, or superconscious state, as he enters the divine center of the brain, the Sahasrara Chakra, the thousand-petalled lotus. Every sense of separation vanishes. Supreme Asamprajnata Samadhi is the highest level of consciousness. Siva and Kundalini became one.

The Yogi can descend to the throat's center to give guidance to the students and to help others (Lokasamgraha).

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