What does om stand for?

Om is a mantra (or vibration) that is sung at the start and end of a yoga session. An echo of the world is what it's called. What exactly do you mean?

The ancient yogis somehow grasped what modern scientists are saying.

That is to say, the whole planet is shifting. All that remains, whether solid or nothing, pulsates, creating rhythmic pulses that ancient yogis recognized as echoes of om. The buzz of autumn leaves, the waves on the water, and the inside of shells are all examples of this sound that we might not be aware of in our everyday lives.

Chanting om encourages us to see our lives as a reflection of the whole universe's movement—the setting sun, rising moon, waves, and the beating of our hearts. We embark on a journey on this universal revolution as we speak hom by voice, awareness, and physical energy. And we start to see a stronger connection between exaltation and silence.