Hinduism - What Is Karmamarga? What Are The Karmendriya In Hindu Philosophy?


Karmamarga ("path of action") is a Sanskrit word that means "path of activity." Along with the Path of Devotion (bhakti marga) and the Path of Wisdom, it is one of Hinduism's three commonly recognized pathways to eventual soul liberation (moksha) (jnana marga).

The bhaktimarga emphasizes devotion to God, whereas the jnanamarga emphasizes the realization of one's particular Self (atman) and Ultimate Reality (Brahman).

Karmamarga promotes altruistic deeds done for the good of others.

 ("action organ") Karmendriya are any of the five organs by which human beings operate on their environment, usually regarded to be the voice, hands, feet, and elimination and generation organs in Indian philosophy. 


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