What are the 8 main Types of Empaths?


1. Geomantic empaths are empaths who are tuned in to a certain atmosphere or landscape. Geomantic empaths provide a connection to buildings, streams, seas, and mountains are examples of unique locations. These empaths are able to sense the historical feelings associated with these locations. For example, an empath will always experience the pain if they visit a place where people were murdered many years ago. Empaths associate feelings with different worlds, causing each one to elicit different emotions. Souvenirs from diverse environments are commonly carried by empaths.

2. Physical empaths are people who can empathize with others on a physical level. They are also regarded as medical empaths and they can sense the state of another person's body. They'd have a natural sense of what's wrong with someone else. They will pick up on the symptoms of acute situations, allowing them to share the other person's discomfort. Physical empaths can also cure other people. They are most likely to pursue careers in either traditional or complementary medicine.

Physical empaths excel in caring for those who are sick. Many that are afflicted have an instinctive faith in them and they can sense that they care.

3. Emotional empaths are aware of the emotional force that surrounds them. As an emotional empath, you can consume other people's feelings and believe they are your own. If you're continually surrounded by pessimistic people, this can be very distressing. An emotional empath should develop self-awareness in order to distinguish their own feelings from those of others. Emotional empaths appear to isolate themselves from others in order to refresh their batteries. An emotional empath can use a variety of calming techniques to preserve their resources.

4. Animal empaths: You've already seen someone in your neighborhood who prefers to spend time with animals rather than people. They have a favorite pet or a collection of pets that they adore. A high probability exists that such an individual is an animal empath. An animal empath has a strong bond with animals. They have a sixth sense about what animals like or feel, and the animals love them in return. They have a way of connecting with each other and their bond is so strong. An animal empath satisfies their strong need to bond with animals by domesticating their chosen animals. They are most also concerned about animal rights and contribute to animal conservation organizations.

5. Plant empaths are people who can empathize with plants. A plant empath has a strong bond with a specific plant or a group of plants. When they touch the herb, it causes them to feel those feelings. A plant empath is able to communicate with plants and understand their needs. They enjoy spending time in nature with the herb, taking it into their home, and planting it in the greenhouse.

6. Precognitive empaths: Do you have the ability to see into the future? And this isn't only about your own future, but also about the futures of random persons or events? You're a precognitive empath for sure. You have a tendency to "shadow" situations as they happen. Your visions occur in a variety of forms, including hallucinations and emotions. It's both rewarding and disconcerting to have the potential to look into the future. It will help you prepare for the future but still amplifying your misery by reminding you of the suffering that lies ahead.

7. Psychometric empaths: These empaths have a strong attachment to multiple physical objects. Physical structures elicit specific feelings in them. The objects may be anything from utensils to knives to jewelry to pictures, but when a person comes across them, they all elicit strong emotions. For example, if your father gave you his knife and then died the next day, the knife might be very sentimental. You'd think about your father any time you see one of these knives.

8. Telepathic empath: A telepathic empath can see through another person's subconscious. They can say their unspoken thoughts from a casual glance at the guy. As a result, the empath has an excessive amount of insight into individuals and circumstances.

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